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Emily Degan

Introducing: Saint Hugh & You

Hunting is a sport. Saint Hugh is a lifestyle. Saint Hugh & You where they collide and form community.

what it is

Saint Hugh & You is a free space for you, female hunters, to find, share, and connect with each other. Unless you were born into a family of hunters, you've probably had trouble finding female friends to hunt with – if you’ve been able to find any at all. We know that struggle and wanted to try to make things a little easier. 

Enter: Saint Hugh & You. 

how it works

Here on the Saint Hugh & You Blog page you’ll find tips, game recipes, and musings on hunting in general. On the Saint Hugh & You Connect page, you'll find a series of forums titled #WomenWhoHunt in [your state], where you can find and share with other female hunters near you. Did you discover an awesome local preserve? Tell us about it. Did you bring home a type of duck you’ve never seen before? Someone else probably knows it. Are you new to hunting and just looking to make a few non-judgmental friends with whom to give it a try? Perfect, we are too. You don’t have to write lengthy posts; feel free to just ask a question, share a story, or suggest a meet up. This space is for whatever you want it to be for. But it is designed to be interactive. So post!

And don’t be shy about connecting with each other. Our goal is to build a supportive community where you can celebrate your successes, commiserate and learn from your failures, and just be there for each other as we grow in our sport, together. 

So I hope you find Saint Hugh & You useful. If after playing around a bit you’ve got suggestions on how to make it better, shoot us an email. We’re here for you, and we’re all ears. 

In the meantime, happy hunting.