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89.9 | WWNO

Louisiana Eats: A Hunt on the Wild Side

By: Poppy Tooker

December 2017

Biz New Orleans

Camo Couture

By: Ashley McLellan

September 2017

University of Notre Dame: Mendoza Business Magazine

Her Aim is True

By: Sally Anne Flecker

Spring 2017

New Orleans Fashion Week

Hollywood actress & producer Shanna Forrestall interviews founder, Emily Degan

March 21, 2017

The Times-Picayune

Custom camo and a feminine fit: New Orleans woman launches hunting clothes brand

By: April Blevins Pejic

February 3, 2017

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Outdoors with Larry Rea: Interview with Saint Hugh Founder, Emily Degan

Larry Rea

November 19, 2016

LA Road Trips-01.jpg

Louisiana Road Trips

The New Face of Hunting 

By: Deb Burst

November/December 2016

Emily for Bizness Style July 2016.jpg

Biz New Orleans

Emily Degan And Her New Saint Hugh Hunting And Outdoor Leisure Apparel For Women

By: Bonnie Warren

July 2016