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New Orleans, LA

(504) 517-4844



Saint Hugh provides outdoor apparel and community to women in the field. 

Our mission is to empower women by helping them feel feminine, comfortable, and ready to dominate anything they’ve felt barred from on the basis of their gender.

We make high quality field apparel, exclusively for women. 

Saint Hugh cares about its customers and shares their values. When you consider investing in our products, know that Saint Hugh is investing in your communities. All of our products are designed and assembled in the US. 

Saint Hugh's Story

Saint Hugh is an abbreviation for Saint Hubert (or Saint Hubertus), a Christian saint and the eighth century Bishop of Liège. Saint Hubert is the patron saint of hunters.

Saint Hubert is regarded as the father of humane hunting. He created the following humane hunting guidelines: 

  • only shoot when a humane, quick kill is assured,
  • don’t shoot mothers nursing their young, and
  •  only shoot animals past their breeding age, to ensure wildlife is conserved.

We admire Saint Hubert’s vision of ethical hunting and are proud to bear his name. 

Founder's Story

Emily during [insert hunt and year] Note: we can update to any picture you want ;)

Emily Degan founded Saint Hugh in 2016.

She grew up duck hunting with her dad in southeastern Louisiana and from a young age noted the gender disparity among hunters. It was never more obvious than when she attempted to buy hunting gear and was unable to find suitable products for women.

After graduating from the University of Notre Dame and gaining business experience at Deloitte, Emily took it upon herself to change that.

She and her goldendoodle, Winnie, live in New Orleans where Saint Hugh is headquartered.

Saint Hugh is proud of recent features in both New Orleans Fashion Week and New Orleans Entrepreneur Week.!