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in our sights: hunt with heart

Emily Degan

While attending last month’s Houston Safari Club Convention, we had the pleasure of meeting Chance Sanford of Texas non-profit, Hunt with Heart. We were so impressed with this group’s mission that we donated a jacket to a longtime female member, Taylor Dyson, and wanted to share Hunt with Heart’s work with you.

Hunt with Heart empowers kids suffering from congenital heart issues by giving them life experiences which, were it not for their conditions, they would have had playing team sports. Hunt with Heart uses hunting and fishing to teach camaraderie, problem-solving, perseverance, and success.

Participants learn the basics during a weekend-long camp at central Texas’s Beaver Creek Ranch. Afterwards, they participate in fishing expeditions, dove and big game hunts, and sporting clay shoots throughout the year. Hunt with Heart currently serves 49 members, who have a median age of 14. Unlike some wish-based organizations, becoming involved with Hunt with Heart is not a one-time event; the organization becomes a meaningful part of each participant’s medical journey.  

Hunt with Heart has also provided a supportive community for the families of its members, particularly during the lengthy and arduous treatment periods typical of congenital heart disorders. When extended hospital stays are required, Hunt with Heart steps in to help with lodging and parking costs. It has also subsidized the funerals of departed members.

You can get involved with this great group by hosting or sponsoring a hunting or fishing expedition. Financial contributions are also always welcome. More info here.

Happy hunting!